Our Founder

Ben Morris
Founder & Chief Marketing Strategist

In May of 1982 Ben Morris graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Film Theory and Criticism.  That summer, he joined Tom “TQ” Quarles and Cindy Carman to found MQ&C.  Since then MQ&C has negotiated and managed almost a billion dollars of radio, TV, print, direct mail, outdoor, sports and digital ads for hundreds of clients of all sizes.  Ben later became intrigued by psychographic segmentation and modeling, which he believed ad campaigns should be built around.  In 2007 he brought “big data” files in-house, now used every day for everything from media buying and creative messaging to site selection, customer-lifetime value, and optimization of digital campaigns.

In 2009, MQ&C started applying their big data analytics to the millions of impressions even a modest digital campaign can deliver.  The result was a proprietary bid strategy platform for campaigns by key word, geography, and bid-price.  This approach was quickly and widely emulated.

Today, Ben is focused on better understanding and integrating all sources of traffic—offline and online—into a customer lifetime value feedback loop.  He is especially excited about the ability to track customers originating offline to online purchases and vice versa, and the ability to change sales strategies over the phone, and landing pages in real time based on sub-second access to data points.