Kristalytics is a portfolio of highly sophisticated marketing services that can provide your business a tremendous competitive advantage.

  • Identifies prospects that will spend often and spend big.

  • Determines which media are best for reaching them.

  • Identifies which creative message best fits each customer type.

By delivering the right message, to the right people, you'll be making more by spending less.

Kristalytics works for any company, any product, any service, every time because it's based on the behavior of individuals buying the product or service, not the product or service itself.

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Database-DNA Marketing
No matter what business you're in, you've got tire-kickers, you've got regular customers and you've got GREAT customers. The challenge is distinguishing one from the other so you can focus on those who will bring you the best returns.

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TargetMarket-DNA Marketing
Just as your business has its own DNA, your geographic trade area also has its own unique code. When you look at the people in your trade area, you know they're not all the same. But how do you tell the difference in a reliable way?

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Two people with the same disposable income will spend that money on very different things. So, if you blanket a region based on one "type" of person, much of that marketing is completely off-target.

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Pay-Per-Click DNA Marketing
With Pay-Per-Click DNA you can bid on the most expensive, best-converting keywords in your best locations, use second-tier keywords in other locations which are still statistically good bets for you.

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