Our Story

In the summer of 1982, long before anyone had heard of the internet, Ben Morris joined Tom “TQ” Quarles and Cindy Carman to found MQ&C. What started as a traditional advertising agency would go on to negotiate and manage nearly a billion dollars in advertising on radio, TV, print, and direct mail.

Ben was ahead of his time, intrigued by psychographic segmentation and modeling before there was any good way to capture the data on the millions of impressions generated by the ad spends.

Then everything changed. The internet unleashed the digital age, creating an influx of new channels and a tsunami of data. Ben knew just what to do. He brought “big data” in-house and called it Kristalytics, inspired by his wife Kristal, and the deep analytical approach his team uses to prove and improve advertising results. These techniques are now used every day for everything from media buying and creative messaging to site selection, customer-lifetime value, and optimization of digital campaigns.

In 2009, MQ&C, now powered by Kristalytics, started applying their big data analytics to the millions of impressions generated by even modest digital campaigns. The result: a proprietary bid strategy platform for campaigns by keyword, geography and bid-price.

Today, Kristalytics and MQ&C take on the biggest challenge the advertising world has ever seen: How do you integrate all sources of traffic – offline and online – into a customer lifetime value feedback loop. He is especially excited about the ability to track customers originating offline to online purchases (and vice versa), adapt sales strategies over the phone, and optimize landing pages in real time based on sub-second access to data points.

Ben’s favorite quote is:

It’s not about the products or services.
It’s about understanding the people who are buying the products and services.

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How do we do it?

We collect thousands of unique pieces of individualized demographic, psychographic and technographic data on your customers and prospects. Then we analyze that data for hidden buying patterns… that let you collect the most profit for the least amount of marketing dollars.

We design and engineer processes that comb through thousands of variables… internal or external, 1st party or 3rd party, structured or unstructured, independent or interdependent, fee-based or publicly available. Then we hand-pick the most influential and predictive indicators that provide the best lift for your marketing campaign. We can (and do) handle data sets with billions of records, which maximizes the odds of discovering predictive variables.

Since we are “data agnostic,” we don’t care which variables prove to be predictive. If the number of bathrooms is predictive, great! If two variables are interchangeable in terms of predictive value, we’ll use the one with the lower usage cost.

At the end of the day, we turn big data into actionable and profitable advertising campaigns.