Email DNA Marketing

No matter how large or small your operation, whether you have two stores or two thousand, Kristalytics can analyze the DNA of your current customer base and geographic trade area to find your top performing markets and then apply that knowledge nationwide to pinpoint the best real estate for your next store or franchise locations.

Many of our clients have stores in some markets that are in the top 10% of a market and other locations struggle to stay afloat. The frustrating thing is they have no idea why there is such a vast difference between the top and bottom performers.

We help you understand the DNA of your best locations, so you'll know what your most successful trade area looks like and where to find other locations across the country with the same characteristics. The end result is we find high concentrations of people most likely to be your best customers within a certain geographic area. When you're ready to expand, simply match the profiles and you'll have more success at a faster rate.

Site Select DNA:

No matter what business you’re in, Kristalytics customizes the research and action steps to your needs. We collect thousands of unique pieces of individualized demographic, psychographic and technographic data on your customers and prospects.

Then we analyze that data for hidden profit patterns. Patterns that let you collect the most profit for the least amount of marketing dollars.

That means no matter how you advertise — direct mail, pay-per-click, TV, radio, print, billboards, online, offline, even smoke signals—Kristalytics targeting lets you MINIMIZE SPENDING and MAXIMIZE PROFITS.