Kristalytics Tools:

Database DNA & Target Market DNA
The most detailed way to mine your markets for maximum profitability.

The Kristalytics process uses a neural network to sort and weigh literally thousands of different customer behaviors and characteristics to come up with patterns that answer your most pressing marketing questions.

Who are your best customers?
How do you reach them easily? and
Where do you look to find more of them?

No matter what business you're in, you've got tire-kickers, you've got regular customers and you've got GREAT customers. The challenge is distinguishing one from the other so you can focus on those who will bring you the best returns.

Database DNA and Target Market DNA are the tools we use to analyze your markets and provide a detailed roadmap to maximum profitability. Depending on your unique situation, we may use one or a combination of both tools. Here's how we decide:

If you have a customer database, prospect list or email list—we'll use Database DNA.

This tool pinpoints customers IN your database who are most likely to be your biggest spenders. It also creates a profile for those OUTSIDE the database who look most like those big spenders so you can target them, too.

The best part is we can classify someone as they make their first purchase. This means you can know immediately what upsells, downsells or cross-platform offers you should make to maximize the purchase. It also gives you the opportunity to market to them appropriately in the future.

No database? No problem!

Just as your business has its own DNA, your geographic trade area also has its own unique code. When you look at the people in your trade area, you know they're not all the same. Some will spend $5 with you over a year, some will spend $5,000. But how do you tell the difference in a reliable, scientific way? Without the proper tools, you're forced to treat them all the same. We give you the blueprint you need.

Target Market DNA is the tool we use to analyze a geographic trade area. Rather than starting from one point and radiating outward (which is basically guessing at where your customers come from), Target Market DNA tells you exactly where your most profitable customers are, even if it's one mile east and seven miles west.

Even if you do business online and your trade area is the entire country, there will be geographic areas of the country which are more likely to produce rich results than others. It's vital that you know which areas those are so you don't waste resources on less profitable areas.

Traditional demographics programs rely on the flawed theory that "birds of a feather flock together" and would completely miss the big spenders hiding in a block group or zip code full of duds. Those limited programs would tell you to skip over the entire area. Not smart.

What does this mean for you?

Your marketing dollar goes so much farther and the rewards are so much greater when you focus on the hyper-responsive sectors of your market. The efficiency improvement for many of our clients is 30-60%! That's a huge chunk of money you can either bank as a cost-cutting measure, or spend on additional advertising and attracting more customers.

The bottom line is both Database DNA and Target Market DNA allow us to find the smallest percentage of people who have the potential to make up the largest amount of revenue for you. No matter where you do business. No matter where they reside.

Once you have this powerful knowledge in your possession, we can help you apply it directly to your advertising either through our fulfillment services or with Kristalytics Applications.