Email DNA Marketing

According to Microsoft, 97% of all email traffic is spam. And that number is growing. Many marketers make the mistake of thinking email is free, so it doesn't matter what you send out to people. But list fatigue, fake email addresses and the good 'ol delete button are pitted against you in the fight for your customer's attention.

The more you know about individuals on your email list, the better you can communicate with them, and the more likely they'll open and read your message. Until now, an email address was a generic, faceless piece of data. We turn that data into a real person you can talk to.

We have the resources to match an email address to a physical street address up to 50% of the time. And the longer someone has been on your list, the better that percentage gets. Why is this important? When you convert an email to a physical street address, there is an enormous amount of targeted information we can learn even if you never intend to use postal mail.

No matter what business you’re in, Kristalytics customizes the research and action steps to your needs. We collect thousands of unique pieces of individualized demographic, psychographic and technographic data on your customers and prospects.

Then we analyze that data for hidden profit patterns. Patterns that let you collect the most profit for the least amount of marketing dollars.

That means no matter how you advertise — direct mail, pay-per-click, TV, radio, print, billboards, online, offline, even smoke signals—Kristalytics targeting lets you MINIMIZE SPENDING and MAXIMIZE PROFITS.