Customer Segmentation and Customer Profiling

You probably have a pretty good idea of who your customers are, most marketers do. But do you know who your BEST customers are?

Believe it or not, and regardless of your product or service, your BEST customers likely share several of the same behavioral attributes.

Kristalytics' customer segmentation services will identify your most frequent and/or most profitable customer segments, and then show you how to find more of them, whether your product is offered online or in-store.

Customer profiling and segmentation start with a deep analysis of your existing customer base. We use the same powerful database tools as the US government and have the capability to handle even the largest, most disparate data sets. The outcome of our analysis is a blueprint of the demographic and psychographic attributes shared by your best customer segments, along with execution plans for how to find more of those exact profiles.

Kristalytics will produce your customer profile segments using either the AxciomPersonicX or Nielsen PRIZM lifestage clustering models. You will be amazed when your database comes to life with behavioral attributes to help you target your best segments.

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